Milking It!

This week saw the launch of the ‘Make Mine Milk’ campaign, the UK equivalent to ‘Got Milk?’ in the US.

Our very own RUPERT GRINT is the new face of the campaign, alongside Green Lantern star Ryan Reynolds.

The purpose of the campaign, which is supported and endorsed by numerous athletes and celebrities worldwide, is to promote and celebrate the nutritional and health benefits of low fat milk and to encourage others to consume more.

To celebrate joining the campaign, Rupert has taken part in the famous ‘Make Mine Milk’ Challenge (to drink a pint of milk as fast as you can!) See the results below…

If you wish to join the challenge too, all you have to do is: Get a pint of semi skimmed milk, film yourself taking the challenge, say your time to the camera, upload your video to YouTube and post the link on their Facebook page here. Please don’t kill yourself in the process and if you want to, post it on twitter. (Don’t forget #milkchallenge)

You can find out more information on the cause, see which other film, music and sports stars are involved in the campaign and immerse yourself in all sorts of fun, interactive media and games on the main ‘Make Mine Milk’ website.

Look out for Rupert on a billboard near you!

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