Complex police drama Single-Handed returns to ITV1 tonight, Thursday 14th July at 9pm, for a six-week run and stars MATTHEW McNULTY as a new series lead.

Following its transmission on RTÉ Television, Single-Handed debuted on ITV1 last summer. More than 4 million viewers tuned in for its premiere and the show received rave reviews for its subtle depiction of rural life set against the stunning landscapes of the West Coast of Ireland.

Single-Handed follows Garda Sergent Jack Driscoll (played by Owen McDonnell), upholder of the law on the remote coast. In this fourth series, childhood friendships, family ties and romantic relationships are all tested to the limit with the arrival of Brian Doyle (McNULTY), Jack’s English cousin who is visiting Ireland with his girlfriend (Simone Lahbib). Brian’s ensuing search for the father who abandoned him as a child soon begins to open old wounds as a heartbreaking family secret is revealed.

This time around, the crimes include the violent death of a reclusive old man, an arson attack on a housing development and a mysterious car crash, all of which draw the characters into dark and personally dangerous territory as they are forced to probe the grey area between human failings and criminality.

The series also features Sean McGinley and guest star Stephen Rea.

The first episode – ‘The Lost Boys’, written by Barry Simner, directed by Thaddeus O’Sullivan and produced by Clare Alan for Touchpaper Television – kicks off tonight at 9pm. Don’t miss it!

“…set in a place of impeccable natural beauty…it didn’t take long to realise that Single-Handed wouldn’t be conforming to the usual pattern – and not just because it is distinctly classy.”

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