Terror In Space

There’s A Reason We’ve Never Gone Back To The Moon…

Apollo 17, launched December 17th 1972, was the last ‘official’ manned mission to the moon. But a year later, in December of 1973, three American astronauts were sent on a secret mission to the moon funded by the US Department of Defense. One of these was HH client LLOYD OWEN.

The actual footage which the astronauts captured on that mission was recently recovered and pieced together for the new feature film Apollo 18. While NASA denies its authenticity, others believe that what is shown in the film reveals the real reason we’ve never gone back to the moon!

Witness the terrifying fate which befell LLOYD and his three colleagues and be sure to experience the suspense on the big screen.

Apollo 18 is now showing in cinemas internationally. You can see the trailer below.

“Nail biting, edge of your seat, exciting.” Hunter Daniels, Collider.com

“Gripping and intense” Thomas Leupp, Hollywood.com

“This film will shock you to the core.” Fred Topel, Craveonline.com

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