Film London Jarman Award 2011

Clio Barnard, director of feature film The Arbor, has been nominated for a Film London Jarman Award 2011. The innovative, multi award-winning documentary film stars MANJINDER VIRK, CHRISTINE BOTTOMLEY and MATTHEW McNULTY and tells the tumultuous story of playwright Andrea Dunbar and her family.

Launched in 2008, the Film London Jarman Award gives recognition and support to artists working with the moving image and whose work resists conventional definition, encompassing innovation and excellence. The prestigious award is inspired by visionary avant-garde film-maker Derek Jarman, one of the most esteemed and controversial artists of the late 20th Century.

Works by all ten artists shortlisted for the Jarman Award 2011, alongside a talks programme, will be presented across London’s Whitechapel Gallery Auditorium, Creative Studio, Gallery 3 and Study Studio spaces this Saturday, 1st October. The Arbor will screen between 3:30-5:00pm in the Zilkha Auditorium, followed by an hour-long talk and Q&A between Clio Barnard and MANJINDER VIRK in the Creative Studio at 5pm.

Don’t miss your chance to see this incredible film and to hear Clio and MANJINDER talk in depth about their work. Visit the Whitechapel Gallery website for more info and to buy tickets.

And for details, awards, trailers and images from The Arbor, see our previous blog: THE ARBOR In The USA

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