RINGER Picked Up

Exciting news!! After an excellent start, brand new US TV drama RINGER – starring IOAN GRUFFUDD – has just been picked up for a full season.

The series, which premiered on September 13th on The CW in America, stars Sarah Michelle Gellar as Bridget, a woman on the run from the mob who assumes the identity of her twin sister Siobhan, only to realise that she has dark secrets of her own. IOAN plays Andrew Martin, a self-made millionaire whose marriage to wife Siobhan is crumbling whilst he struggles to balance his work life and keep his daughter from a previous marriage out of trouble.

In the UK, RINGER premiered on Sky Living on Thursday 29th September and it continues every Thursday for the next 22 weeks. Episode 3 will air tonight. Make sure you tune in to see what twist comes next!

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