The Trial Of Ubu

Now showing at the Hampstead Theatre: The Trial Of Ubu, starring NIKKI AMUKA-BIRD.

The Trial of Ubu is a savage comedy that interrogates the assumptions of a Court as it struggles to deal with defendants who are not only opposed to the morality of law, but exist in a different moral dimension altogether.

The play is set in The Hague in January 2010. The dictator Ubu, the grotesque and amoral megalomaniac from Jarry’s 1896 play Ubu Roi, is before a UN constituted International Tribunal charged with ‘crimes against humanity’ and other serious violations of international humanitarian law.

Writer Simon Stephens’ virtuosic satire examines the often absurd legal wrangling of the international justice system. Is this the justice of the victors? Is this the best way to deal with the perpetrators of unspeakable crime? Wherein lies the legitimacy of an internationally convened Tribunal?

NIKKI AMUKA-BIRD plays one of two headphone-wearing interpreters, starring alongside Josie Daxter, Kate Duchêne, Paul McCleary, Rob Ostlere and George Taylor. The play is directed by Katie Mitchell, reuniting with playwright Stephens after their critically acclaimed Wastwater at the Royal Court.

The Trial Of Ubu runs until 25th February 2012. Be sure to book tickets, which you can buy here.


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