Life On The Outside: PRISONERS’ WIVES

Prisoners’ Wives is a brand new six-part drama for BBC1, following the lives of four very different women, each struggling to cope with a significant man in her life serving time in prison.

POLLY WALKER (left) stars as Francesca, a colourful and glamorous career criminal’s wife. Confident, dynamic and fun, Francesca takes life in her stride and has everything she’s ever wanted – a gorgeous house, a successful marriage and two high-achieving children. But for all of her outward self-assurance, hidden underneath is a complex, lonely woman who misses her husband desperately.

Produced by Tiger Aspect and the BBC and written by Julie Gearey, this relationship-based ensemble drama is set and filmed in Sheffield. It was cast by HH client SAM JONES and also stars Emma Rigby, Pippa Haywood, Natalie Gavin, Jonas Armstrong and Iain Glen.

Episode one premiered last night and the series will continue every Tuesday at 9pm on BBC1. You can see the trailer below and if you missed last night’s premiere, you can watch it now on iPlayer.

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