To mark the 100th anniversary of when the Titanic went down, a one-off special documentary – Titanic: The Aftermath – will screen at 8pm on Sunday 8th April on Discovery UK.

There have been many films and dramas made about the actual event, but this programme sets out to uncover the truth about what happened after the tragedy had taken place.

HH client PAUL McGANN narrates this fascinating and insightful programme, which explores what happened after 1500 people were left unaccounted for; including the voyage of the ship sent to recover lost passengers, the entirely new forensic system that had to be established to identify the dead, the rarely seen photos taken to aid that identification process and the impact that echoes through the generations of the victims.

In 1912 John Barnstead was coming to the end of a long career in the public services as Halifax’s registrar for deaths. The Titanic disaster posed an overwhelming challenge. Nobody knew how many bodies would be pulled out of the water, or what state they would be in. In response to this disaster, Barnstead pioneered a new forensic methodology, the forerunner of today’s CSI. After the Titanic this system became a model for all future disasters involving mass loss of life. Now his descendant, John Barnstead Junior, finds out how he did it, with emotional accounts and never-before broadcast photographs of the Titanic dead.

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