New feature film Strawberry Fields – starring CHRISTINE BOTTOMLEY – will be released in cinemas across the UK from July 4th.

A twisted tale of sibling rivalry, sexual awakenings and mind games, Strawberry Fields is set over a hot English summer as two sisters – Emily (played by CHRISTINE) and Gillian – undergo a battle of wills, with farmhand Kev caught in the crossfire. As Kev pops a strawberry in Gillian’s mouth, suddenly anything seems possible as desire inspires her to free herself from the past. What follows is a bold and inventive melodrama that offers a distinctly refreshing spin on a complex story of lust, rivalry and liberation.

The film is directed by Frances Lea and is a co-production between BBC Films, Film London and Spring Pictures.

“Christine Bottomley deserves all the plaudits that come her way.”
Charlotte O’Sullivan, London Evening Standard

“My Summer Of Love meets A Streetcar Named Desire [with] an intelligent script and beguiling performances.”
-Neil Smith, Total Film

“A terrific British debut”
-Jason Solomons, The Observer

Be sure to go see CHRISTINE as the coy, ruthless Emily on the big screen. You can check out the trailer below…

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