Ioan Narrates THE BRITISH

The British is a brand new seven-part factual series narrated by IOAN GRUFFUDD, starting tonight at 9pm on Sky Atlantic HD.

This epic documentary studies and recounts how insularity and the weather shaped and forged the British national identity, attacking the subject with admirable style. In seven hours, it races through the story of Britain, from the Roman invasion to the 1953 coronation of Elizabeth II, and takes time to study the British ‘nature’ – connecting the history, geography and geology of a small, overpopulated island to a reserved, private population, horrified by intrusion and obsessed with class. With the occasional addition of a familiar face (interviews with Russell Brand, Helen Mirren and Ben Kingsley), this makes for fascinating and dramatic viewing, played out on an epic scale with beautiful production and set pieces.

The show starts tonight and continues on Thursdays at 9pm on Sky Atlantic. You can check out the trailer below, and here’s a recent promotional interview with IOAN from last week’s Independent.

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