Ed & Kerr: In Competition At Dinard

The international film festival season has arrived once more, with many movies starring Hamilton Hodell clients premiering around the world over the coming months.

Coming up next month is the 23rd Dinard British Film Festival, which promotes British films to French audiences and provides an important gateway for films aiming to conquer the European market. The festival will take place between 3rd-7th October in Dinard, France and two films starring HH clients have been included in the competition, competing for this year’s Hitchcock d’Or:

KERR LOGAN stars in Good Vibrations from directors Lisa Barros D’Sa and Glenn Leyburn. Set in 1970s Belfast, it tells the true story of militant leftist music fan Terri Hooley who finds himself caught in the bloody conflict which prevails in the capital of Northern Ireland. While all his friends take up arms, Terri decided to open the Good Vibrations record store and through his shop, he discovers the punk underground and finds himself at the head of a gang of eclectic youths. KERR plays Feargal Sharkey, lead singer of The Undertones.

Also in competition is director Tom Shkolnik’s The Comedian, starring EDWARD HOGG (above) in the titular role. The film follows Ed, a stand-up comedian trying to break into the business in London, spending his nights roaming the pub scene and his days working in a call center to pay his rent. After being dumped by his long term boyfriend, he descends into a spiral of alcohol and casual sex, forced to try and rediscover his comic voice. The Comedian is a sassy story, dramatic and funny, looking at life’s choices and how not to make them.

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