Double Dose Of David

The 2012 Toronto International Film Festival is currently in full swing, with numerous films starring Hamilton Hodell clients being showcased or premiered throughout the festival.

To see a full lineup of films starring HH clients, you can see our previous story TIFF 2012. But we thought it worth mentioning two great films which are taking the festival by storm, each starring DAVID OYELOWO.

The first is Middle Of Nowhere, directed by Ava DuVernay. Her elegant and emotionally inspiring debut portrays the universal dilemma of how a woman maintains herself as she commits to loving and supporting someone through hardship. The film details the struggles of Ruby, a happily married woman whose husband finds himself incarcerated for five years, and studies how she deals with it over the entire period. Middle of Nowhere infuses gravity and grace into the prison tale and marks the arrival of an important new directorial talent. DAVID OYELOWO stars as the bus driver with whom Ruby has a chance encounter that changes her life. He stars opposite Emayatzy Corinealdi, Omari Hardwick, Lorraine Touissant and Edwina Findley.


The Paperboy is a sizzling, camp, deliciously trashy chunk of Southern-fried Gothic from Lee Daniels, the director of Precious. Boasting an all star cast including Matthew McConaughey, Nicole Kidman, Zac Efron, John Cusack and our very own DAVID OYELOWO, the film covers all sorts of topics including jailhouse sex, life-saving golden showers, brutal bondage and large amounts of inventive nastiness! Based on Pete Dexter’s noir-ish crime novel, The Paperboy takes place in the sun-drenched swamps of the deep south in 1969, where Miami Times reporter Ward Jansen (McConaughey) has returned to his hometown of Lately, Florida, to uncover the true story of Hillary Van Wetter (Cusack), who has been sentenced to death for allegedly killing a notoriously racist sheriff. With his partner Yardley (played by DAVID) and younger brother Jack (Efron), Ward seeks out the assistance of Charlotte Bless (Kidman), an aging Southern sexpot with a penchant for felons. Believing in Hillary’s innocence, the four embark on a journey into the alligator-infested backwaters, where secrets, lies and desires lurk just beneath the murky surface. Unabashedly raunchy and playfully tongue-in-cheek, The Paperboy is wholly committed to crassness, complete with garish colour palette, jagged cutting and a bleached-out aesthetic.

Look out for both of these excellent films as they hit cinemas later in the year.

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