Meet The New Nicklebys

The Life And Adventures Of Nick Nickleby is a brand new contemporary adaptation of Dickens’ classic tale, commissioned for BBC Daytime and starring HH clients BRONAGH GALLAGHER and JAYNE WISENER.

The five episode series will air over five days on BBC 1, starting next Monday 5th November at 2.15pm and continuing every afternoon until Friday 9 November.

Produced by double BAFTA-winning Kindle Entertainment for the 2012 Charles Dickes bicentenary, The Life And Adventures Of Nick Nickleby has been updated to reflect concerns and questions about modern Britain; Dickens’ exploration of corruption within private boarding schools is transposed to care-homes for the elderly. Just as Dickens did, the drama invites the audience to reflect on how the vulnerable suffer when the pursuit of profit is valued more than human kindness.

Nick Nickleby is a hot-headed but caring young man. After his father’s death and the family farm is repossessed, Nick travels to London with his muddleheaded mum (played by BRONAGH) and pretty younger sister, Kat (played by JAYNE), to seek help from rich Uncle Ralph, the owner of a chain of high profile care homes. Nick is packed off to work in one of the care homes in the North, where he befriends and rescues Mrs Smike, a confused old lady who is appallingly mistreated by Wackford Squeers, the care home supervisor. And so begins Nick’s journey, in which he fights corruption, rescues his sister from the lascivious intentions of his uncle’s dubious business partner, falls in love with the self-possessed, single mum Madhi and is finally able to claim back the family farm.

Be sure to tune in every day next week.

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