Janet Montgomery Double Bill


2013 is now in full swing and January sees a double-bill of great new TV series starring JANET MONTGOMERY.

The first of these is Spies Of Warsaw, BBC4’s dark thriller based on Alan Furst’s novel.

Set in 1937, Colonel Jean-Francois Mercier (played by David Tennant) is the military attaché stationed in Warsaw, Poland while the shadow of Hitler’s Nazi regime looms over mainland Europe. Mercier sets out on a stealth mission with his trusted accomplice Marek, where they discover that the Nazis are ensuring any future invasion of Poland can take place effectively and with little resistance. Amid the threat of a second world war, Mercier is also vying for the affections of Parisian lawyer Anna Skarbek (played by JANET), currently in an empty-shell relationship with Russian Émigré and political journalist Maxim. As Mercier and Anna’s relationship develops, it is clear that she must choose between both men. But will Mercier’s feelings for Anna jeopardise his mission and can she be trusted?

Spies Of Warsaw is a two-parter. Episode one premiered last night but if you missed the opening episode, catch it now on BBC iPlayer. Episode 2 airs on Wednesday 16th January, 9pm on BBC4.



BBC2’s Dancing On The Edge is the second of January’s dramas starring JANET. Set in the early 1930s, it follows a black jazz band as they achieve fame by entertaining London’s upper-class society while encountering racism, class prejudice and nationalism. Until, that is, a suspected murder becomes the subject of an investigation by a music journalist. JANET stars in the epic series alongside a top cast including Jacqueline Bisset, Mel Smith, Anthony Head, Caroline Quentin and Jane Asher.

This five-parter will begin with the opening two episodes on consecutive nights:
Monday 4th February at 9pm on BBC2 – Part 1
Tuesday 5th February at 9pm on BBC2 – Part 2
The show then continues on Monday nights at 9pm on BBC2, finshing with an extra hour – ‘Interviewing Louis’ – broadcast on Sunday 10th March. Repeats will be on Sunday nights, should you miss any. Here’s the trailer:

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