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Charlie Brooker’s cirtically acclaimed, International Emmy-winning drama Black Mirror returns to Channel 4 this month for its second series. HAYLEY ATWELL and SINÉAD MATTHEWS star in the show’s opening episode, Be Right Back, which airs at 10pm next Monday, 11th February on Channel 4.

The first of three new Black Mirror films, it tells the story of Martha (played by HAYLEY) and Ash (Domhnall Glesson), a social media addict. They’re a young couple who move to a remote cottage, but tragedy strikes the day after they move in when Ash is killed returning the hired van. At the funeral, Martha’s friend Sarah (played by SINÉAD) tells her about a new way to stay in touch with the deceased and reveals that, by using all his previous online communications, status updates and the like, Martha could create a new, alarmingly ‘real’ Ash to help alleviate her grief.

Check out HAYLEY and SINÉAD in the official trailer below and make sure you tune in on Monday for the show everyone’s gonna be talking about!


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