Doon Controls The PLEBS


Plebs is a brand new modern comedy for ITV2, set in Ancient Rome and starring DOON MACKICHAN.

Rome is traditionally imagined as the home of emperors and senators, generals and gladiators, a dignified theatre of pomp and ceremony. But what about the little guys, the wasters – new to the big city, stuck in office jobs, unable to get the girls? Plebs follows three desperate young men – Marcus, Stylax and their lazy slave with an attitude problem, Grumio – from the suburbs as they try to get laid, hold down jobs and climb the social ladder in the big city – a city that happens to be Ancient Rome.

DOON stars as the boys’ ruthless boss, Flavia – an expert manipulator with a private life that’s the stuff of legend!

Plebs is a 6-part series, premiering with a double bill on Monday 25th March on ITV2 at 10pm, followed by an episode each Monday at 10pm.

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