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When ITV1 broadcast Endeavour – the one-off Inspector Morse prequel – in 2012, starring SHAUN EVANS in the titular role, both the critical acclaim and audience response that followed left everyone immediately wanting more. And more is what you will be getting this April…

Having won over critics and viewers alike with his portrayal of young Morse, SHAUN will return to the role for four new films, written by Lewis creator and Morse writer Russell Lewis. Roger Allam also returns as Endeavour Morse’s senior partner, Detective Inspector Fred Thursday, and Sean Rigby takes on the role of a young PC Strange – the character who appeared in the original Morse series, played by James Grout.

Acclaimed novelist Colin Dexter, whose first Morse story was published in 1975, has acted as consultant for the series.

In the series’ opening episode ‘Girl’, when a young Secretarial student dies suddenly at home, Endeavour senses there is more to the case than the preliminary medical verdict of ‘heart attack’. It premieres on Sunday 14th April at 8pm on ITV1; the show will then continue on Sundays for three further weeks. Here’s the trailer:

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