AFTER EARTH – Out June 7


After Earth, one of this summer’s most anticipated blockbusters, hits UK cinema screens next week on Friday 7th June and stars Will Smith, Jaden Smith and HH client SOPHIE OKONEDO.

Set one thousand years after humanity’s resettlement on a habitable exoplanet outside of our Solar System, a peacekeeping organization known as the Ranger Corps is trained by a stern General named Cypher Raige (Will Smith). His son Kitai (Jaden Smith) is a rebellious teenager with a knack for mischief. Cypher’s wife Faia (played by SOPHIE) urges Cypher to take Kitai on a mission to Earth. But when the ship is damaged in an asteroid field and crash lands on the planet, killing all but Cypher and Kitai, the two must retrieve an emergency beacon by embarking on a perilous journey across uncharted terrain to signal for help.

After Earth is co-written and directed by M. Night Shyamalan and promises to be packed full of action, new alien species and sc-fi thrills aplenty. Go see it on the big screen from 7th June. Here’s the trailer:

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