Doon’s Quick-Cutting New Show

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Coming soon to BBC4 – Quick Cuts, starring DOON MACKICHAN.

This brand new 3-part comedy series is a quick-cutting sitcom crossed with a sketch show, set in a hairdressing salon. The owner of ‘Quick Cuts’ is Sue (played by DOON), who turns a blind eye to the various faults, failings and eccentricities of her staff. Together with Sue’s relentlessly crooked boyfriend Trevor (Paul Reynolds), they are one big dysfunctional family.

The narrative sitcom element of Quick Cuts follows the lives of the staff while the semi-improvised sketch element will be the encounters between the customers and the hairdressers, with the camera acting as the mirror in the shop.

Don’t miss this hilarious new show, airing from Wednesday 19th June at 10pm on BBC4. And you can keep up-to-date by following the show @quickcutsteam on Twitter.

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