The Great Train Robbery – Starts Tonight!

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The first episode of brand new two-part heist drama The Great Train Robbery premieres tonight on BBC1 at 8pm, starring MARTIN COMPSTON and JACK GORDON.

This new interpretation retells the infamous true story of the 1963 ‘Great Train Robbery’ from the perspective of its perpetrators and also of their pursuers. The film is split into to halves: the first part, “A Robber’s Tale”, focuses on Bruce Reynolds as he plans the now folkloric raid on a London-bound Royal Mail train that netted a then-record haul of £2.6 million. Meanwhile “A Copper’s Tale”, the second film of the double bill, concentrates on DCS Tommy Butler, the detective chief superintendent charged with bringing the robbers to justice.

The show marks the 50th anniversary of a crime that still resonates today and has become something of a long-running soap opera, with some of the culprits evading justice even after being apprehended.

MARTIN stars as robber Roy James. With a promising career as a racing driver, having won a series of trophies in 1963, James was instead sentenced to 30 years for his part in The Great Train Robbery. He served 12. JACK stars as Ronnie Biggs, a gentleman who had all but retired from crime when the rest of the gang approached him to join them. Having spent most of his life in prison before the Great Train Robbery, Biggs was very much an outsider in the Train Robbery Gang and was initally recruited purely to bring the train driver on board. Luke Evans and Jim Broadbent also star in the films.

Tune in tonight at 8pm on BBC1 for Part One and tomorrow night (Thursday 19th December) at the same time for Part Two. Here’s the trailer:

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