CUBAN FURY – Out Friday

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Cuban Fury, the brand new comedy feature film starring and co-executive produced by NICK FROST, opens in UK cinemas this week.

NICK plays Bruce, a doleful office drone whose social life is limited to equally pathetic golfing buddies and his tiki-bar waitress sister Sam (played by Olivia Colman). But it transpires that Bruce is actually a former teenage salsa-dancing champion, until peer bullying ruined his career and drove him to abandon his passion. He’s practically forgotten it, until his beguiling new boss (played by Rashida Jones) turns out to be a bit of a salsa-lover herself! And so ensues Bruce’s attempted comeback. Chris O’Dowd also stars as the obnoxious alpha-male rival and Ian McShane plays the dance instructor who reignites Bruce’s long-dormant passion for salsa.

Cuban Fury opens this Friday 14th February. Go see NICK dancing away on the big screen and in the meantime, check out the trailer below:

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