HOLES In The Arcola Tent

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A future tragicomic hit” ★★★★ The Independent

We are the survivors of flight BA043. We don’t know where we are. You have to help us. Hello? … Is there anybody out there? … Hello … ? Stranded, four survivors wait. Surely somebody will find them. Planes don’t just disappear, do they? And, if no-one’s coming… what do they do now?

Absurd, hilarious and fast-paced, Tom Basden’s razor-sharp comedy Holes has finally landed in London this summer, starring MATHEW BAYNTON as Gus. MATHEW first perfromed in this show when it premiered at last year’s Edinburgh Fringe Festival and he returns to the role again now for a strictly limited run in the Arcola Tent.

Holes opened last week and runs until 9th August, so get your tickets now and make sure you don’t miss out! Elizabeth Berrington and Daniel Rigby also star.

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