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Hilarious BBC sit com Big School returned to our television screens last Friday for its second series. Episode two, which airs tomorrow night, guest stars our very own JIMMY AKINGBOLA.

Big School is written by David Walliams and the Dawson Brothers and stars Walliams as Mr Church, the 40-something deputy Head of Chemistry, and Catherine Tate as French teacher Miss Postern, his unrequited love interest in the dysfunctional staff room of Greybridge School. JIMMY joins the all-star cast as sexy new Geography teacher Dr. Dalton. He is forthright, gregarious and all the staff become enamoured of him – particularly Miss Postern. Hilarity ensues as he inadvertently becomes embroiled in the love triangle between Miss Postern, Mr Church and would-be lothario, PE teacher Mr Gunn (Philip Glenister).

Tune in tomorrow night, Friday 5th September at 9:30pm on BBC1.

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