THE WRONG MANS Series 2 Teaser Unveiled

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The hilarious, award-winning comedy series The Wrong Mans is set to return to our television screens this year for its second series and the first teaser trailer has been released online.

The show, written by and starring HH client MATHEW BAYNTON and James Corden, will return to find heroes Sam (MATHEW) and Phil challenged with many problems on a dangerous international quest, including trying to escape a high-security Texan jail. While Phil is excited to get the chance to reinvent himself around the world, Sam is less happy and craves his old life. But the pair need to make a decision – do they want to hide or try to get home to Bracknell in time for Christmas?

In the words of the show’s two leads/writers, “we pick up where we left off in series one, but now Sam and Phil are different. They have changed as people because of everything that has happened to them. The stakes are higher and there’s even more danger now.”

The Wrong Mans returns to BBC Two this Christmas. Check out the teaser below:

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