Navin Stars In Tricycle’s MULTITUDES


Multitudes is the brand new debut play by John Hollingworth, now showing at London’s Tricycle Theatre and starring HH client NAVIN CHOWDHRY.

‘This whole multicultural happy-clappy hippie-dippie love-in is a fantasy.’

Directed by Indhu Rubasingham, Multitudes is set in Bradford on the eve of a Conservative Party Conference and explores the journey of conversion and British perceptions of Islam.

The country is in turmoil and one of its most multicultural cities awaits a visit from the Prime Minister. Kash, a liberal British Muslim (played by NAVIN), prepares his address to politicians about the state of the nation. His girlfriend Natalie, a recent convert to Islam, cooks for anti-war protesters gathered at the Town Hall. Lyn, her mother, moans to anyone who’ll listen about the decline of her cherished England. It’s all too much for Kash’s daughter Khadira, who begins to plan a radical intervention. As the nation questions immigration policies and military support in the Middle East, one family face their own internal conflict of faith, belonging, and who gets to call themselves British.

Multitudes opens today at the Tricycle Theatre and runs until Saturday 21st March. Get your tickets here! You can have a read of the great write up on the show in this week’s Guardian here, and check out the trailer below:

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