Paul McGann’s Super-Powered Owls!


Next week sees the television premiere of captivating documentary Natural World: Super-Powered Owls, narrated by PAUL McGANN.

With their charismatic faces and extraordinary head-turning ability, owls are one of the nation’s best-loved birds, but it is rare to catch more than a glimpse of one in the wild. With the help of leading scientists and some bewitching slow-motion footage of nature’s ruthlessly efficient airborne killing machines, the programme follows the progress of irresistibly cute newly born barn owl siblings Luna and Lily. But once we get past the cute stage however, experts show us how and why these owls hunt at night, explain the secrets of their acute hearing and reveal, in incredible detail, their turbulence-free flight as they grow to become dive-bombing hunters.

The show airs on Tuesday 3rd March on BBC TWO at 8pm. Check out the two previews below:

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