As pilot season continues over in the States, we can now reveal our fourth HH client to land a lead/recurring role in a new drama pilot is NIGEL LINDSAY.

NIGEL will star in The Devil You Know, co-written by Orange Is The New Black creator Jenji Kohan, Bruce Miller and Tracy Miller. Described as a provocative period drama, The Devil You Know explores the circumstances around one of the most compelling chapters in American history — the infamous Salem Witch Trials in 17th century New England, where intolerance and repression set neighbour against neighbour and led a town to mass hysteria.

The show will be brutal, multi-layered, often shocking with a wealth of fantastically drawn characters. Starring alongside Eddie Izzard, NIGEL is on board to play Dr. William Griggs, the local doctor, a man of science and reason; extremely likable and described by townsfolk as an “exuberant bear of a man!”

Production on the pilot — a co-production between HBO and Lionsgate TV — has just commenced in Boston, Massachusetts and is being directed by the legendary Gus Van Sant (Good Will Hunting, My Own Private Idaho, Elephant, Milk). Congrats NIGEL!

(Check out our previous blog post “2015 Pilots: First Three HH Leads Announced” to see which other clients are currently shooting for pilot season).

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