Susanne’s Soulful SHAMAN Short


Futuristic and epic short film The Shaman, starring SUSANNE WUEST, will receive its world premier at the 2015 Tribeca Film Festival.

Written and directed by Marco Kalantari, The Shaman is a hugely ambitious and masterfully executed short with all the scope and scale of a big budget blockbuster. With an international crew of artists from places like Japan, Singapore, Taiwan, Ukraine, France, Serbia, Malaysia, UK, Iceland, Germany and Austria (where it was shot), the story is set in the war-riddled future of 2204 where people rely on giant, intelligent battle machines to fight. Meanwhile, mankind has re-discovered the arts of magic and Shamanism and the Generals on both sides use well-trained spiritual warriors to face the threat of the machines. These Shamans are experts in all aspects of the “unseen” and the “beyond”. When crossing the border to the Netherworld, the Shaman can find any being’s soul and interact with it, making him a deadly and highly effective weapon. They track and convert the souls of their enemies’ giant battle machines in a psychological soul-to-soul confrontation. But Shamans are not invulnerable. They are just people and can be killed like anyone else.

SUSANNE stars as The Soul of the Colossus in the film, which will screen in the ‘Interference’ category at this year’s Tribeca Film Festival, running April 15-26 at venues across downtown Manhattan.

Have a read of this great review from Cosmicgrinder, which describes The Shaman as “bursting with originality and fierce energy that grabs you from the start…[it] packs quite a punch…the special effects are first-rate” and calls the scene between the Shaman and SUSANNE‘s Soul of the Colossus “brilliant”. You can watch the epic trailer below:

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