The Stranger On The Bridge is an emotional and moving documentary narrated by SOPHIE OKONEDO, airing on Monday 4th May at 9pm on Channel 4.

It tells the true story of 26-year-old Jonny Benjamin who, following his diagnosis of schizophrenic affective disorder, found himself on the verge of taking his own life on Waterloo Bridge in 2008, when a stranger stopped him and talked him down. Jonny never saw the stranger again, with no chance to thank the Good Samaritan for his help.

Exactly six years after the incident, the film follows Jonny’s emotional journey and online campaign to find the stranger, who he nicknamed ‘Mike’, in order to thank him for saving his life. Soon, #FindMike was trending worldwide on social media, and the ‘Finding Mike’ campaign, in collaboration with the charity Rethink Mental Illness, was boosted by TV, radio and newspaper interviews. When Neil Laybourn’s fiancé alerted him to Jonny’s campaign, he knew immediately that he was the passer-by Jonny was looking for, and the two men finally became reunited.

This inspiring story and documentary shows how the simple act of listening can be a huge support to someone struggling with their mental health and we can all learn from its uplifting message. Tune in on 4th May!

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