The first episode of highly anticipated, brand new BBC fantasy saga Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell will premiere this Sunday May 17 at 9pm on BBC One, starring HH client BERTIE CARVEL in the titular role of Jonathan Strange.

Based on the bestselling book by Susanna Clarke, the series is set during the Napoleonic Wars and presents a Gothic vision of England where magic has re-emerged after centuries of dormancy. BERTIE stars as Strange and Eddie Marsan plays Mr. Gilbert Norrell – two very different men, each capable of practising magic. Norrell is a reclusive, humourless scholar and magician in his late middle age and BERTIE‘s Strange is a charismatic young gentleman seeking purpose in his wayward life. Discovering a natural gift for magic, Strange becomes Norrell’s pupil, though they are destined to clash. A dangerous battle through the dark arts begins when a moment of hubris (and a desire to have his skills recognised) leads Norrell into a murky deal with a powerful, chaotic spirit, known as the Gentleman With The Thistle-Down Hair (played by Marc Warren), setting off a perilous chain of events spanning war, love, despair, imprisonment, emancipation and even other worlds.

HH clients EDWARD HOGG and ALICE ENGLERT also star in the show. EDWARD plays Segundus, a member of the York Society Of Magicians, and ALICE plays Lady Pole, the wife of cabinet minister Sir Walter Pole, who enters into a dark and dangerous relationship with ‘The Gentleman’ (to say any more would spoil the fun!)

The on-screen adaptation comes from Peter Harness (Wallander, Doctor Who) and director Toby Haynes (Sherlock, Doctor Who), and features a stellar cast, brilliant performances and huge set pieces.

For those of you in the UK – don’t miss the first episode this Sunday!

Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell will also be aired in the USA later in the year, premiering on Saturday June 13 at 10pm ET on BBC AMERICA. Check out the three videos below: the official BBC trailer, a preview from Episode One in which BERTIE‘s Strange does his best to win the heart of the beautiful Arabella before it’s too late, and a second preview in which EDWARD‘s Segundus visits the mysterious Mr. Norrell, eager to discover why magic is no longer practised in England.

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