Lucy & Polly Join THE SYNDICATE


Celebrated writer Kay Mellor’s highly acclaimed, hit BBC drama The Syndicate has recently returned to BBC One for its third series, starring HH clients LUCY RUSSELL and POLLY WALKER.

Each series the show follows a new group of people who, having formed a syndicate, find themselves in the enviable position of winning millions on the lottery. HH clients MATTHEW McNULTY and AMY BETH HAYES starred in the original series 2012; this time around, for the six-part, third installment of the show, we follow the staff at a Scarborough manor house whose numbers come up on the lottery, making them instantly richer than the family they serve ‘upstairs’. But, as always in this show, with unexpected wealth comes all sorts of problems, dark secrets and plot twists aplenty!

LUCY stars as Melissa Mitchell and POLLY plays Detective Inspector Baker. Episodes 1 and 2 have already aired, but you can catch up on iPlayer here. The Syndicate continues on Tuesdays at 9pm on BBC One, so be sure to tune in. Here’s the trailer, followed by a dramatic preview of next week’s Episode 3:

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