LUTHER Returns With Rose


The two-year wait is nearly over for the highly-anticipated return of Detective Chief Inspector John Luther, with the BBC’s twisted crime drama Luther returning to our television screens next month for its fourth series, which will air over two episodes and stars HH client ROSE LESLIE.

Following the events of the first three series, the new installment will open with the now iconic Luther (played by Idris Elba) taking a leave of absence from the police force and seeking solitude in a rundown cabin. But his attempt to leave the darker side of humanity behind for a chance at a ‘normal’ life is quickly thwarted when he’s drawn into the terrifyingly complex case of a suitably twisted, cannibalistic serial killer. The new case delivers a devastating blow that not only pulls him out of seclusion but pushes him closer to the edge than he’s ever been.

The two-part series will bring back several supporting characters and ROSE will appear for the first time in the show, playing new member of John Luther’s team, Detective Sergeant Emma Jones.

Luther 4 will premiere on BBC1 on 15th December. Don’t miss it!

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