Puppies & Prisons: 2 Fab Documentaries


Tune in this week for two excellent documentaries voiced by Hamilton Hodell Voice clients.

The first is The Secret Life Of Puppies, which begins TONIGHT at 9pm on Channel 5 and is narrated by ASHLEY JENSEN.

This two-part documentary follows man’s best friends’ first year of life, witnessing the world through their eyes as they learn to understand everything around them. The first episode focuses on the first eight weeks – from birth to the moment they join their human families – witnessing the birth of a litter of English pointers and comparing the development of the firstborn and the runt. Meanwhile, bulldog baby Big Ron undergoes an incredible growth spurt, Basil the basset hound experiences sensory overload, and labradors Honey and Bronte discover the joys of play.

Tune in tonight for the cuteness!



The second documentary is the emotional and insightful Her Majesty’s Prison: Norwich, narrated by PAUL McGANN.

The doors to Her Majesty’s Prison Norwich in Norfolk are flung open in this revealing documentary that shines a light on the men behind bars and the families they leave behind on the outside (for a more detailed description, read the info in the image above). The show will air next week on Wednesday 4th May at 9pm on ITV1.

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