Malevolent & Menacing: McNulty In The Musketeers


Hit UK action drama series The Musketeers returns to our television screens this weekend for its third and final series, starring MATTHEW McNULTY as new series villain Lucien Grimaud. Tune in for the series premiere at 9:30pm on Saturday 28th May on BBC One.

The drama picks up in a war torn Paris run by vicioius Governor Phillipe Feron (played by Rupert Everett). And with danger lurking around every corner, viewers can expect a change in pace this series as the writers have injected more brutality and jeopardy into the storylines, claiming “the final few episodes will be very dark indeed.”

New to the show this year is MATTHEW, playing a terrifying villain. He said of his character: “He’s dark and malevolent. He’s like a powerful storm, waiting to drop. He builds and builds and then he strikes. My character Grimaud is uncompromising and dark. You don’t know what makes him tick. Rupert brings some colour and fun to the villains, while I am deeper and darker. It’s more fun to play a baddie.”

Tune in this weekend and every Saturday for ten weeks to see MATTHEW enact his evil upon the series’ heroes. Here’s the trailer:

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