The reviews are in for writer/director Tom Ford’s new film Nocturnal Animals, starring our wonderful AARON TAYLOR-JOHNSON – and by all accounts, it’s an absolute smash!

Having won the Silver Lion award at last week’s Venice Film Festival, Ford’s second film (his follow up to 2009’s A Single Man) looks set to take the world by storm, receiving rave reviews across the board, especially for AARON and his incredible performance.

Nocturnal Animals is a dark psychological thriller adapted (by Ford himself) from late American novelist Austin Wright’s 1993 book Tony and Susan. It tells the story of an art gallery owner (played by Amy Adams) haunted by her ex-husband (Jake Gyllenhaal)’s novel, a violent thriller she interprets as a veiled threat against her and a symbolic revenge tale. Adams and Gyllenhaal play dual roles as the once-married couple and as the protagonists in the novel-within-the-film, from which the film takes its name. Michael Shannon, Isla Fisher and Laura Linney also star.

AARON plays terrifying bad guy Ray, the leader of a gang hired to initiate the vengeful kidnapping. Have a read below of all the wonderful praise being afforded to AARON on the strength of his performance in the film. Go AARON!

“The real standout is Taylor-Johnson, so effectively creepy as the ringleader of the novel’s miscreants…his unsettling charismatic turn here heralds a career turning point.”
– Alonso Duralde, The Wrap

“Ford’s most precious collaborator is Taylor-Johnson, who gives this movie a jolt of wild-eyed unpredictability.”
– Jeff Sneider, Mashable

“The leader of the gang is Ray, played in long black sideburns by Aaron Taylor-Johnson, who gives this taunting sociopath a strange kind of depth”
– Owen Gleiberman, Variety

“…director Tom Ford pulled off a casting coup by turning [Aaron] into a bad guy. With a Texas drawl and goatee, he’s unrecognizable…It’s thrilling, and terrifying, to watch Taylor-Johnson’s descent into the dark side.”
– Ramin Setoodeh, Variety

“Two best things about ‘Nocturnal Animals:’ Aaron Taylor-Johnson (yes!) and a bewigged Laura Linney as Amy Adams’s Texas socialite mom.”
– Richard Lawson, Vanity Fair

“In the role of the villain, Aaron Taylor-Johnson is spellbinding…[he] crafts one of the year’s most frightening villains. His best work comes when pitted against Gyllenhaal, whose devastation expertly contrasts with Taylor-Johnson’s sense of devilish control.”
– Matt Hoffman, Film School Rejects

Nocturnal Animals will be released in UK cinemas on November 4 2016. Here’s the trailer:

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