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LUCIFER 2: Tom Returns From Hell!

Hit FOX drama Lucifer – starring our very own TOM ELLIS in the devilish titular role – is returning next week for its second season, premiering on Monday September 19th on FOX (US) and Tuesday September 20th on Amazon Prime Video (UK). In Season Two, TOM‘s Lucifer and his brother Amenadiel (DB Woodside), who have been sparring over Lucifer’s resistance to returning to the underworld, will now be […]

Tom Ellis Is LUCIFER – Premiering Jan 25

**UPDATE: As of Tuesday, January 26th, you can now stream the latest episodes of Lucifer exclusively in the UK on Amazon Prime, with a new episode every Tuesday. Watch here.** Only five days to go until exciting new Fox television series Lucifer premieres in the US, starring our brilliant TOM ELLIS in the titular role. A loose adaptation of […]

2015 Pilots: First Three HH Leads Announced

The annual ‘Pilot Season’ has been underway again since January, with all major U.S. television networks preparing to shoot their next potential hit shows for the coming year. Huge congratulations go to TOM ELLIS, JACK DAVENPORT and BEN ALDRIDGE, our first three clients to land major leading roles in some of the networks’ biggest productions. […]