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2016 BAFTA Television Awards Nominees

Very exciting news: The nominees have been announced for the 2016 BAFTA Television Awards and this year’s prestigious list is somewhat of an HH extravaganza, with nominations for twelve shows starring our wonderful clients! First up, huge congratulations go to BEN WHISHAW, MARK RYLANCE and STEPHEN FRY, each of whom is nominated individually. Both BEN and MARK are nominated in […]

Navin Stars In Tricycle’s MULTITUDES

Multitudes is the brand new debut play by John Hollingworth, now showing at London’s Tricycle Theatre and starring HH client NAVIN CHOWDHRY. ‘This whole multicultural happy-clappy hippie-dippie love-in is a fantasy.’ Directed by Indhu Rubasingham, Multitudes is set in Bradford on the eve of a Conservative Party Conference and explores the journey of conversion and British […]

Sleuth Spoof: A TOUCH OF CLOTH Returns

Tickling and twisting crime drama cliches, Charlie Brooker’s original comedy show – the hilarious and popular A Touch Of Cloth – returns this weekend for its third series, starring NAVIN CHOWDHRY. A Touch Of Cloth casts an acerbic and very silly eye over the world of cop dramas in an attempt to poke fun at the […]

BABYLON Pilot – Airs 9th Feb

Channel 4 has unveiled its brand new trailer for the Danny Boyle-directed comedy-drama series Babylon (watch below). The pilot episode will air at 9pm, 9th February on Channel 4 and stars HH clients BERTIE CARVEL, PATERSON JOSEPH and NAVIN CHOWDHRY alongside Brit Marling, Jimmy Nesbitt, Adam Deacon and Jill Halfpenny. Babylon centres on a London police […]


A Touch Of Cloth – Charlie Brooker’s spoof of overwrought murder dramas – returns to our television screens this Sunday for a second two-part saga, starring NAVIN CHOWDHRY. When actor-turned-cop Todd Carty is shot up in a robbery, Detective Jack Cloth (played by John Hannah) returns from retirement to help his colleague and flirting partner […]